DIY Valentine’s Dinner

I learned a lesson this weekend: It is OKAY when plans fall through or change. (Don’t get TOO excited…this is a lesson I will continue to learn over and over again…but I am trying!)

Blake and I had had a few discussions about where we were going to celebrate Valentine’s day. After a few failed attempts at dinner reservations, Blake decides he does not want to go out to dinner.

After all, we had just spent a week away in Old San Juan, how many times do we need to go out to dinner in one week? My knee jerk reaction was… “buuuut its Valentine’s Day, that’s what you do on Valentine’s day!”

I immediately thought he was saying Valentine’s Day isn’t important to him and assumed he was brushing it off: WRONG!

We had probably one of the best dinners we have had, to date, on this little island.

Blake and I are blessed to have an adorable patio with a killer view, making for one great atmosphere for a Valentine’s Day dinner.image

Together, we chose a menu that included some of both of our favorites. Blake chose steak and I chose mushroom risotto. We threw some locally grown green beans in for a healthy side. We had just purchased imagesome at the Argrifest earlier that day.

We had so much fun decorating the patio and cooking the dinner, I didn’t miss going out one bit. Anyone that knows me, knows, that I love getting dressed up. This is one the main reasons I like going out to dinner. Any imageexcuse to wear a dress! Luckily, Blake knows me and we even got dressed up for this special dinner.

Sometimes staying home can be just as, if not even more, special than going out to dinner. We were on our own time, no one bothering us, and no rush to go home and free up the table at the restaurant.

imageValentine’s day is about doing something special with someone you love..and that is exactly what we did.

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