Do I really need this?

Hi my name is Erin and I am a shopaholic.

I wasn’t always like this. I could probably count on two hands the number of times I actually went shopping while in college. Once I was out of college and I had the cash flow, I went nuts.

I bought stuff I didn’t remotely need and, sometimes, even want. Something about the high of im-not-a-shopaholic-im-helping-the-economy-2the purchase gave me such satisfaction. Maybe it was the fact that after many years of being a poor college student, I could finally buy whatever I wanted. Who knows what it was.

There was about a two year period in my life where I didn’t even look at price tags. This is embarrassing to even admit because, well, it is a really stupid way to live, regardless of whether you have money or not.

I was THE girl you wanted at your sales parties because I was definitely going to buy something, and it would most likely be expensive.price-tag-images

I was still continuing this crazy habit when I moved to the island. Granted, we do not have as many stores here, but guess what? Turns out, I get just as much satisfaction out of clicking “confirm order” online, as I do swiping a credit card at the store.

I think when I moved, I bought something like ten bathing suits within my first month. I justified every single purchase. After all, when you live on an island, a bathing suit is everyday wear, right?

Stopping the Shopping

I wouldn’t say I don’t shop anymore, but I definitely think twice when making a purchase. It helps to try to put things into perspective.

  1. How many gallons of gas will it cost?
  2. How many hours at work will it take to pay off?
  3. Do I want it?
  4. Do I need it?
  5. Will this help/hurt/effect my financial situation?
  6. Wouldn’t putting that money towards my loans be more satisfying in the long run?

Sounds like common sense right? It is, but it helps. I usually think about what I want and don’t buy it immediately. If I am still thinking about in a few weeks, then usually I get it. Many a times, I have completely forgotten about the item.

You know what else? I get even MORE satisfaction every time I see another loan paid off, and that is worth way more than a new bathing suit.

The struggle is real.






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