I believe in a thing called love

WARNING: may contain clichés and sappiness overload!

With it being Valentine’s Day and all, it seems appropriate to talk about love. I know many people consider Valentine’s Day a “Hallmark” holiday, made up to sell cards and candy, but I have always loved the holiday; whether I was in a relationship or not.  In this crazy, busy world we live in, we sometimes forget to stop and remind the people we love how important they are to us. Valentine’s day is a good reminder to slow down and just imagelove…

Until about a year ago, I wasn’t sure if I believed in TRUE love or love at first sight…until I met him.

I met Blake approximately 2 hours after first stepping foot on the beautiful island of St. Croix. I didn’t come to the island looking for love, but rather, for a long weekend getaway to see one of my good friends. Little did I know that meeting him was going to be a pivotal moment in my life.

Here I am, a year later, sitting one room away from him in our beautiful ocean view home. He is my best friend, my cheerleader, my confidant, THE love of my life. I don’t know how I go so lucky, but I am grateful for every step I took in life that eventually brought me on vacation to St. Croix.

I could go on forever about how wonderful this guy and our life together is, but I won’t do that to yall.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! Take a moment and do something special for the people you love today.







God bless the broken road…that led me straight to you.