Is that a knife on the floor?

The moment I stepped in downtown Charleston I just HAD to move there. In order to make the move possible I took a contract in home health physical therapy, which was very low on my list of things I wanted to try, so low, that it was not eveManikin Door Question Markn on the list.

For those of you who don’t know. Home health is when a patient is homebound and cannot physically leave their house to get the medical services they require. That’s where I come in.

In homecare I learned about all walks of life. Being inside someone’s house in their most vulnerable state is when you truly get to know someone. I fell in love with home health care and discovered where I belonged in the physical therapy world. Before I get into the benefits…let’s discuss the cons.


  1. Is that a knife on the floor? Sure is! Be cool, be cool.
    -You see SO MANY THINGS that you are not supposed to see. I learned to act completely comfortable in situations that I was completely uncomfortable in.
  2. Fleas love me.
    -I tucked my scrub pants into kneehigh socks and then secured the bottom of my pants with rubber-bands. I then took a shower in bug spray -as I prepared to enter the bug-zone. Bug bites are not a good enough reason to not give someone care.
  3. Not everyone came from the same school of thought on cleaning as my mom did.
    -I learned how to casually nonchalantly clear a tiny corner of the couch to sit on. Even better, I learned how to type standing up, with one hand, while holding my laptop and be totally professional about it.
  4. GPS’s do not always work.
    -I spent many of my homecare days driving more than I was actually seeing patients. It pays to actually look at the map before you set out because technology still fails us sometimes (Sorry Blake). “Prepare to park your car and walk to your destination” What? GPS’s really say that.
  5. You spend a lot of time alone and have very little interaction with your coworkers.
    -This can definitely be a pro and a con, but for me, it is more of a con. Part of going to work is the social aspect of it. I found the solution though…just have fun with your patients.
  6. Just as Forest Gump says “you never know what your gonna get”.
    -It was always a complete mystery and surprise the very first time I knocked on a door. I have treated nearly homeless people, war veterans, alcoholics, millionaires, high society people, previous senators. EVERYONE gets sick at some point.
  7. Sometimes you are the ONLY person your patient sees. I was not good at getting back in my car and forgetting about my patients.

For me, the benefits of home health care outweigh the cons completely. More on that later.



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  1. Love this. Coping with cons and making the best of it! That’s how you learn to love your job! Thanks for the insight 🙂

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