Let’s get married…she says.

Hi! It’s me., Erin. It’s been a very, very long time since my last post. I have no real excuse besides the fact that I got lazy and stopped. I could say life got busy, or work was stressful, or I simply did not have time… but that would be a lie.  I was just plain lazy.

I’m currently “inspired” to write this post, due to some very unforeseen and upsetting circumstances. As Tropical Storm Maria decides what she is going to do with this island I call home, I have a lot of thoughts running through my mind.
Let’s take a step back…

November 13, 2016.
“Erin, will you marry me?”

This it the simplest question I have ever been asked. A question that I answered, without hesitation.. “yes!”.

While I have SO many stories leading up to this day, September 16, 2017, I find it most appropriate to simply start with TODAY.

I spent the majority of the day picking up and excitedly greeting my family and soon to be family. While jokes of hurricanes were thrown around, it wasn’t until about 5pm when I realized our jokes…may actually be reality.

Enter Maria

“Don’t get married in September, its hurricane season.”

“September?! ohhhh”

“Oh…wow..good luck!”

All statements Blake and I heard when we  excitedly announced our very special wedding date of September 21, 2017.

For 10 months, I, with the help of MANY, have planned, plotted, coordinated, created every minute detail to make this day absolutely perfect for me and Blake. It’s kind of funny how you get SO wrapped up in the details and then a potentially devastating, uncontrollable event threatens to arrise and none of those details matter anymore. Instead, I sit here thinking….I don’t care if I don’t have the special roses I ordered, or the guava filled cupcakes we loved, or if we even get to dance to “our” song…instead I sit here wondering….will we even get to be married? Will our Island be ruined? Will our family be safe?




More on #OfficiallyBlerin to come.