Seriously Erin? A blog?

wingsOkay, so. Why a blog? Blake and I were discussing the negative aspects of Facebook. You know what I’m talking about…those “over-sharers” and “look at me” posts that flood our newsfeed, and more often then not, just annoy us. Yeah those. We are all guilty of those posts…I certainly am.

Problem: What if there is something I want to share with the people that I think would find it interesting? Apparently forcing all my 300 plus friends to read it is not the answer.

Solution: A blog.  People can choose whether or not they want to read what I have to say, and I get to say whatever I want without annoying people on Facebook. Win-Win!

Still, why a blog? What is so interesting about me that I think people would want to read about it? Maybe nothing…but maybe everything.

This blog is about everything that has to do with me, Erin. Since completing my doctorate, I have done some interesting things with my life, and I have done it all in a very unique way.

Most of my posts will be about how I navigate through the every day issues that is my life in the hopes that maybe somebody else can learn from my experiences, or at the very least be somewhat entertained  by what I have to say.



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